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VCF SDDC Manager Not Showing ESXi Bundle

During a recent upgrade of VCF 4.1 to and then on to 4.2, I found myself in a bit of an unsupported situation due to the use of a build that was not part of the VCF 4.2 Bill Of Materials (BOM).

Symptom: SDDC Manager 4.2.0 will not apply the 4.2 update to the ESXi hosts even though the Update bundle for VMware ESXi 7.0 Update 1d has already been downloaded.

Why Dimensionquest

DimensionQuest ? What does it all mean? How was this name chosen and why. Did it exist before you created it? I have occasionally been asked why DimensionQuest so figured I would finally have a small write-up on the answer. In the mid-late 90s, I was the typical techie - I had an Amateur Radio License, played with computers, console/text-based games, and watched Sci-Fi shows and movies. When I decided it was time to register my first domain name, I wanted something somewhat techie/sci-fi sounding.